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Jesse & Mykayla

This beautiful couple had their wedding all planned and set to go. Covid hit and they were able to make a few necessary adjustments to keep everything safe, but still at the same time, location, etc. A week before the wedding I get a call from the bride, telling me as calmly as possible, that her venue fell through and she has to basically re-plan the entire day. These two managed to plan a completely different wedding, in less than a week, and it turned out absolutely stunning. The location ended up being at the groom's grandfather's property out in Creston, BC. I packed a bag, loaded up my gear and took the most stunning little road trip. The wedding itself was so beautiful and very special, the property held so many childhood memories for the groom so it was very special that they could come back for one of the most special days of their lives. The bridal party portraits were taken at a local Winery, and then we came back to the property and finished off some bridal portraits in the cherry orchard. I may have had to sneak a couple fresh cherries throughout the night!!!

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