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Shawn & Ariel

This wedding had so many unique and exciting elements to the day!! Shawn and Ariel are both two of the sweetest, genuine people you will ever meet. When Ariel first reached out to me about doing her wedding, she stated that she was a horse girl, and riding her horse down the aisle was a must. It was a beautiful farm wedding held at the beautiful Le Coin Perdu Farm out in Naramata, BC. The couple didn't want to see each other before the ceremony, but wanted to share a private vow reading, so we got creative and used the beautiful barn at Coin Perdu where they could hide on either side and read letters from each other. After the ceremony a good friend and guest offered her stunning Ford Mustang to take a couple photos with, and we ended off the afternoon by hitting up the local fair that was in town and celebrated with some cotton candy!

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