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Sierra's Bridal Shower

This past spring I had the privilege to work with my aunt in creating the perfect bridal shower for my soon to be married sister, Sierra. It was early spring which meant the weather was unpredictable, which meant there was stress trying to decide where we should do it. We planned to host it up at my aunt's beautiful home up the mountain in Penticton, which overlooked the whole city and both lakes. Sierra knew we were throwing her a bridal shower, but that was all she knew. When she arrived she was greeted with a cute little floral crown that was made out of babies breath for her to wear for the event. We went all out with the decor, a giant charcuterie table with homemade cookies made by my aunt, as well as a beautiful DIY bouquet making table. There was a big basket of blankets available since it was still very chilly in the spring up at the mountain, as well as hand warmers and cozy drinks. It was such a special time to spoil her and show her so much love from close family and friends before she got married!!

A huge thank you to the amazing vendors who helped put together this event:

Planning & Decor - Joyful Bits Wedding Design

Decor - Wylder Events

Florals - Ariela Nugteren

Cake - One of a Cake

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